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Episode #72: How to Teach Literacy Through Story Based Instruction

Are you (unintentionally) holding your students back by ONLY focusing on decoding skills to help them become better readers?

I get it. Yes our students need learn to decode to become better readers but on today's episode of the podcast, Laura from Miss Lulu and I sit down to have a chat about something that goes beyond teaching a student to decode words.

And it's every bit as important!

"If we keep limiting our students, we're never going to know what they're capable of"

Laura is a former middle school self contained special education teacher who has just recently moved into a coaching role for other special education teachers as a district life skills coordinator. She is passionate about helping special education teachers balance functional skills and academic instruction so they can maintain high expectations without getting overwhelmed trying to teach #allthethings.  She strongly believes that all students, including those with disabilities need to be able to access age-appropriate literature. This increases reading interest, reading skills, and the understanding of literacy components that are required by the state standards.

Laura knows that when a child is reading well below their grade level peers, they do not always have the same opportunities to access literature. Story Based Literacy is an excellent way to provide students with disabilities access to state standards and grade level texts.

Today, Laura and I chat about story based literacy.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What story based literacy is
  • Why it's beneficial for special education teachers to teach
  • What skills are included
  • What it looks like in a special education classroom
  • How to implement it with student who have limited communication
  • Ways to incorporate the paraprofessionals
  • Examples of books to use

Laura shares more information about how she implemented SBL in her classroom. Check that out here.

You can connect with Laura here:

And get a differentiated literacy unit for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory HERE

 If you are needing some lower level literacy units, you can check out the ones from All Things Jenn that I created back when I taught more than just math.


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