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Episode #71: Including ALL Students Through Modified Play & Leisure Skills

Are you playing games with your students? ALL of them??

Playing games with kids of all ages is important for teaching and learning:

  • Communication
  • Turn taking
  • Winning vs losing
  • Socialization 

Some students really struggle with playing games in a traditional way, but they want to be included

It's common, however, to leave out our students who have the most significant needs, whether that's cognitive or physical because many of the rules or the stipulations of the games

And that's where today's guest helps us out!

Today’s guest on the show is the face behind ABA Speech with Rose. 

Rose and I sat down for a chat about play.  Okay…it’s not that simple but it is a topic that was a lot of fun to talk about because it’s something that gets taken for granted. Sitting down and playing a board game might sound easy enough, but for some students the rules and stipulations of the game are preventing them from being included. Rose breaks down the why and how to modify play and leisure skills to enable learners of all abilities to join in.
Rose and I discuss:
  • Informal or formal assessments to uncover some potential areas of interest
  • Techniques or strategies to use for collaboration with general education teachers
  • How to support the paraprofessionals in the area of modified play
  • Examples of games & how to modify them
  • Examples of goals 
Rosemarie Griffin, is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She owns her own private practice, ABA SPEECH which offers therapy services, courses, consultations and products geared towards helping autistic students find their voice. Rose is also the host of the Autism Outreach Podcast, a weekly show all about autism and communication. She is a sought-after speaker who enjoys connecting with audiences at the local, state and national level and she is passionate about the mission of ABA SPEECH, which is to help all students become more independent communicators.

You can get Rose's Free Goal Bank for social skills HERE

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