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Episode 173: 

Effective Progress Monitoring Methods and Strategies

Today's episode is all about progress monitoring‚ÄĒa foundational element in special education that ensures each student's unique educational journey is effectively supported. Whether you're new to this field or looking to refine your current strategies, understanding how to implement a solid progress monitoring system is crucial.¬†‚ÄĒ.....READ MORE

Episode 172: 

Easy Behavior Strategies with Abby from Mrs. Moe's Modifications

Today, we're thrilled to host Abby from Mrs. Mo's Modifications. After much anticipation since 2021, we've finally connected to explore her extensive experience in behavior management within special education. Abby will share her revolutionary behavior roadmap and ‚ÄĒ.....READ MORE

Episode 171: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 7- Recommended Materials + Utilizing Paras

Welcome to the July segment of Ask Us Anything! In these fun episodes, Jennifer and her monthly co-host, Paul, answer the questions you ask. This episode is packed with practical wisdom and tips to help you ‚ÄĒ.....READ MORE

Episode 170: 

Rethinking Behavior: Adopt a Skill Not Will Mindset

A conversation with Jenny Walmsley from Braving BSEL

In today‚Äôs episode, we dive into the concept of "Skill Not Will" to approach challenging behaviors in the classroom with a fresh, constructive mindset.‚ÄĒ.....READ MORE

Episode 169: 

Organize Your Way to Special Education Success with a Caseload Planner

In today's episode, Jennifer shares her personal journey with organization (or lack there of) and the challenges she faced throughout her career, and introduces a transformative tool for special educators‚ÄĒ.....READ MORE

Episode 168: 

How to Improve the PLAAFP Statements in Your IEPs

Welcome to 6th segment of Ask Us Anything. On today's show we discuss interview questions that might be asked and best practices for progress monitoring.....READ MORE

Episode 167: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 6 -Interview Questions + Progress Monitoring

If "No Concerns" is still making its way into your IEP sections as a standalone remark, this episode is your call to action to enhance your PLAAFP (Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance) writing practices......READ MORE

Episode 166: 

Maximizing Summer: 3 Strategies for Special Education Teacher Self-Care

As we approach the end of May, you may be already enjoying your summer break or eagerly counting the days until you can. This episode is dedicated to the importance of summer breaks for special education teachers, offering a time for rejuvenation and reflection after a year filled with unique challenges and triumphs. ‚ÄĒ.......READ MORE

Episode 165: 

Effective Co-Planning in Special and General Education

Today's guest is Kristen Andujar from the Special Education Clubhouse and is here to discuss the importance of collaboration between special education teachers and general education teachers.¬†‚ÄĒ.......READ MORE

Episode 164: 

Help Your Paraprofessionals Feel Confident and Competent

Have you ever been formally trained on how to work with paraprofessionals?
No? Me neither! Unfortunately, this critical aspect of special education preparation‚ÄĒ..

Episode 163: 

How to Maintain Professionalism in Challenging Situations

In this episode, we discuss how to maintain your professionalism when faced with tough moments in the classroom. Everyone loses their cool now and then, but it’s how we handle these situations that truly shapes our teaching environment......READ MORE

Episode 162: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 5- End of Year Activities + Hard Transitions

Welcome to 5th segment of Ask Us Anything. In these fun episodes of of the Special Education for Beginners podcast, Jennifer and her monthly co-host, Paul,  answer the questions you ask. Today's questions.....READ MORE

Episode 161: 

Counting Down to Summer? 5 Strategies to Stay Stress Free!

Have you begun the summer countdown yet?  As we approach the end of the school year, many of us in special education are feeling the familiar strain of end-of-year fatigue. Testing, changes in student behavior, loosened discipline, and ...READ MORE

Episode 160: 

Celebrating Autism Through Inclusive Education and Innovative Strategies with Heather Hall

In honor of Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance Month, this week's episode features a discussion with Heather Hall from Embracing Autism about the statement, "Autism is not a choice, but embracing it is." This  conversation addresses critical misconceptions ...READ MORE

Episode 159: 

Are You Comparing Yourself to Other Teachers? Break out of the Comparison Trap

In this episode, Jennifer is joined by guest Alicia Tripp to discuss the frequently overlooked but prevalent issue of comparison in special education. Alicia recounts her personal journey, starting from the inspiration she received from her brother with Down syndrome ...READ MORE

Episode 158: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 4- Paras Arguing + Teaching Math Facts

Welcome to 4th segment of Ask Us Anything. In these fun episodes of of the Sped Prep Academy podcast, Jennifer Hofferber and her monthly co-host, Paul,  answer the questions you ask. Today's questions: ...READ MORE

Episode 157: 

How to Build Stronger Special Education Teams with Paraprofessionals:

A conversation with Lydia from The Exceptional Space

In today's episode, I have a guest to help me discuss one of my favorite topics: supporting paraprofessionals. These unsung heroes play a pivotal role in our classrooms, and it's crucial we acknowledge their contributions. ...READ MORE

Episode 156: 

The Impact of a Special Education Teacher

When a former student approaches you after 25 years, thanking you for lessons long past, it hits in a way that words can't quite capture. That's the essence of the latest Sped Prep Academy podcast episode...READ MORE

Episode 155: 

7 Strategies to Support Your Students During State Testing

Today we are discussing something that is coming up here pretty quickly in the world of education and typically has a greater level of impact on our students than general education students and that is the super fun time of state assessments...READ MORE

Episode 154: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 3- Managing Rotations + Peer Interactions

Today's questions:...READ MORE

Episode 153: 

9 Tips to Help Special Educators Survive Spring IEP Season

Today, we explore the Spring IEP season, a period of time in the field of special education known for its intense demands, hectic schedules, and unique challenges. Jennifer shares her expertise and offers practical strategies to help...READ MORE

Episode 152: 

Rediscovering our 'Why': A Night to Shine Experience

Today, I want to share a deeply personal experience with you, one that reminded me of the essence of why we do what we do as special educators. It's about rediscovering our "Why" amidst the challenges of our profession and finding renewal in moments of celebration and empowerment. READ MORE

Episode 151: 

4 Tools to Help You Be a Better Leader for Your Staff

Today I want to give you some tools to help you  accept your leadership position and thrive in it.  Here's a breakdown of the valuable tools and strategies shared to enhance leadership skills and foster a positive, effective team dynamic. READ MORE

Episode 150: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 2- Managing Behavior + Collaborating with Gen Ed

In this engaging episode of our "Ask Us Anything Series," Paul and I give practical tips on behavior management and effective collaboration with general education teachers in an inclusive setting.  READ MORE

Episode 149: 

Teaching Beyond Labels to Create Active Learners: An Interview with Lois Letchford

Our guest today is Lois Letchford. Lois's journey with dyslexia began at the age of 39 when she faced the challenge of teaching her son. This experience was a turning point, leading her to examine her own struggles with reading and how she could overcome them. READ MORE

Episode 148: 

Leading Paraprofessionals: 3 Tips to Change Your Mindset

Today I share my story about when I started teaching and how tough it was  to "be a boss." I wish I could go back and tell that young girl that all she needed to do was accept the role, learn some techniques and change her mindset from boss to leader. In this episode, I have 3 tips to help you change your mindset and become a better leader for your staff Read More.

Episode 147: 

Unlocking Dyslexia: Myths, Strategies, and Keys to Success with Lisa Parnello

In today's conversation, Lisa dispels common misconceptions about dyslexia, emphasizing that dyslexia is not a vision problem but a result of how the brain processes language.  She stresses the importance of early intervention and offers valuable insights and strategies for educators, paraprofessionals and parents dealing with dyslexia. READ MORE

Episode 146: 

Strategies for Disruptive Behavior with Rachel from the Behavior Check In

In this insightful episode, we delve into effective strategies for managing disruptive behavior in the special education classroom. Our expert guest, Rachel, shares valuable insights on what works and what doesn't, drawing from her wealth of experience. READ MORE

Episode 145: 

Ask Us Anything Series: Part 1- How to Spend $1000 + Paraprofessionals

Today, I'm joined by my fantastic co-host with a new segment for the new year called "Ask Us Anything." Listeners of the podcast, members of the Facebook group and followers of the Instagram page can ask us the questions that are on their minds and Paul and I provide an honest and open discussion . READ MORE

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